Specializing in seniors' care

                     and health care industry...

Columbia DuBrin

We are a registered real estate Investment Advisory company.  We specialize in the seniors' housing and health care industry and provide a variety of services to investors, financiers, operators and developers in this industry.

Facility Owners

In need of investment analysis, operational restructure?  

If you are looking to sell your interest in a facility we may have investors willing to purchase your interest.

Seniors' Care Operators

Columbia Du Brin is experienced in the operation of  Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Independant Living, and Alzheimer Care.

Please contact us if you are seeking Operational Review, Operational Oversite, or Operations Management.

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Columbia DuBrin Realty Advisors, LLC
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Seattle, WA 98101

P: (206) 443-1366
F: (206) 443-1125
E: rdubrin@columbiadubrin.com