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Robin's Resume

Robin DuBrin is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of CDRA. She has many years of experience in the areas of seniors’ housing, operations, real estate, investment advising, finance, development, pension funds, business and real estate law, and debt restructuring. Her experience began with banking and the institutional investment industry in the 1970’s, and evolved into investment and real estate finance, development, and corporate, pension fund, and real estate law in the 1980’s. During that time, her background and experience lead her to pursue research of the institutional real estate investment market to determine the directions and trends of real estate investments for the institutional investor. She has published for research journals, and has attended, spoken and published for seminars, conferences and trade journals on seniors’ housing, operations, finance, real estate, and institutional investments over the years. In 1994, she formed a partnership with Columbia Pacific Group, Inc. (CPG) in order to pursue her interest in creating a real estate advisory firm, specializing in seniors’ housing, with an emphasis on sound real estate investment principles. CPG is a well-established, seniors’ housing real estate asset management and development company. CPG’s management team is a recognized leader in seniors’ housing and are principals of one of the largest publicly traded seniors’ housing companies and have a significant interest in the largest privately held congregate care operating company. As the business developed, Ms. DuBrin acquired CPG’s interests.

Ms. DuBrin is an accomplished businessperson and has solid experience that has enabled her to develop CDRA’s business. Below is a list of some of Ms. DuBrin’s professional accomplishments at CDRA and her prior business, DuBrin Capital Corp.

At CDRA, she developed and implemented several seniors’ housing investment and finance programs, including a $30 million credit facility for one of the largest publicly traded assisted living operators and a disposition and acquisition of a $30 million assisted living and nursing home portfolio. The following is a select list of the advisory roles she has developed and implemented:

  • Advising on both equity and debt construction financing on 30 million dollar seniors housing community.
  • Advising on the construction debt and providing equity for a 28 million dollar senior housing community.
  • Advising on operations of CCRC property to lower overall costs, to improve asset value by several million dollars.
  • The merger and public offering of two seniors’ housing companies;
  • Disposition of a $25 million seniors’ housing community;
  • Investment analysis and market evaluation of a $55 million seniors’ housing community;
  • Investment analysis and an equity joint venture structure of a $25 million to-be-built seniors’ housing project;
  • Disposition and investment evaluation of a $20 million skilled nursing portfolio;
  • Disposition and investment evaluation of a $25 million skilled nursing and assisted living portfolio and financing of the acquisition;
  • Advised on a potential acquisition of a $40 million skilled nursing, apartment, and pharmacy group of properties and companies, including complex 1031 issues;
  • Total services for: mergers, joint ventures, equity placements, financing, acquisition, disposition, market, and investment analysis valued at greater than $1 billion.
  • Restructured and refinanced a group of agricultural assets valued in excess of $20 million.
  • Expert witness testimony and research that helped in a settlement of $22 million Claim for $500,000.
  • Investment Analysis and disposition work with an underperforming CCRC.

In 1987, she founded DuBrin Capital Corp., successor to DuBrin Campbell and Baker a real estate and corporate investment and finance company founded in 1983. The following is a list of some of her accomplishments:

  • Secured institutional, public, and private financing (both debt and equity) for clients including seniors’ housing.
  • Provided consulting services for real estate projects and investments with developers, investors, pension funds, institutional funds, and seniors’ housing operators and owners.
  • Developed, restructured and sold mortgages and mortgage portfolios, including seniors’ housing, for pension funds.
  • As an attorney, she provided legal services and business consulting, for real estate development, finance, workouts, partnership issues and corporate issues.

During 1989-1994 she was also acting president of Touchstone Corporation, a real estate development company. Touchstone has several joint venture investments in commercial real estate with a pension fund investment group.

Ms. DuBrin served as an extern with the Washington Retirement System, in conjunction with the Washington Round Table, (the Washington Businessmen Association for Washington CEOs), researching pension law issues.

At a Seattle law firm, she researched and wrote on real estate law issues for pending litigation including a seminal case on real estate financing, personal property, security, and notice issues.

Ms. DuBrin is or has been involved with many professional and community organizations:

  • National Investment Conference (Senior Housing Finance Conference)
  • Pension Real Estate Association (PREA)
  • American Senior Housing Association (ASHA)
  • Washington Health Care Association (WHCA)
  • American Health Care Association (AHCA)
  • Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)
  • Northwest Assisted Living Federation (Nor-ALFA)
  • Member of the American and Washington Bar Associations including the following Sections: Elder Law, Real Property Trust & Probate Law and Health Law
  • Seattle University’s Albers School of Business & Economics Past Advisory Board Member
  • Seattle Learning Alliance, Past Board Member
  • Emerald City Rotary Club Member, Past Board Member club focuses on youth and education and Mentor for Neilson Award students.
  • President of Computers for the World, a for 9 years, board member for 12 years founding Board Member and Officer, it has Establish computer labs in Over 200 locations around the world in Schools Orphanages, Libraries, Hospitals, Native American Reservations and First Nations. It is A Rotary District 5030 project.
  • Program and Project Chair Rotary District 5030 2006-2009
  • Trustee Cornish Collage of the Arts 2007 current, Pasted Treasurer and Finance Chair
  • American Friends of Whistler Board Member

Ms. DuBrin’s professional licenses include the Attorney and Counsel at Law in Washington State and Securities Exchange Commission’s Registered Investment Advisor designation, Principal’s License and Partnership License as an Investment Advisor.

Her professional speaking and publishing accomplishments include:

  • How to profit from National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care Industries, on the subject of: Recent Research, National Housing Survey of Adults Age 60+ and the Size Scope and Performance of the Seniors Housing and Care Industry: A Comparison with the Multifamily and Lodging Sector, 1999;.
  • Interviewed on Voice of America, Talk to America TV Net and Radio and 2 radio interviews, on Computers for the World Program 2001
  • Seniors’ Housing Finance, 1999 Facilitator; Pension Fund and Insurance Company Investors’ Roundtable: Is there still an unmet need for institutional investors in the seniors’ housing market?;
  • Research Issues in Real Estate, Volume 4, Seniors Housing, Seniors Housing Investment: How Pension Funds Can Obtain Superior Returns, Achieve Portfolio Diversification, and Provide Funds for A Needed Housing Product. Publisher NIC and American Real Estate Society, 1997;
  • PREA Spring Conference 1997 The Case For Investing Senior Housing;
  • NYU Pension Real Estate Conference in 1996 on Senior Housing Investment Opportunities. This presentation is published;
  • NCTR Senior Housing Trends and Investments, and Public Pension Plans: Vested Benefit Rights, The Application of the Contract Clause and Related Issues. These presentations are published;
  • The National Investment Conference presented Ms. DuBrin with the “Outstanding Chapter” Award for her article contribution to the NIC 1995 Review on Seniors Housing Investment: It Makes so Much Sense, So Why Isn’t It Easy? The Fallacy of Pension Fund “Easy” Money. This is published;
  • Published her work Senior Housing as an Investment Opportunity, in Pension Real Estate Association’s Spring 1995 Quarterly;
  • Published her work Pension Funds Test the Waters For Senior Housing, in Contemporary Long Term Care, April 1996;
  • Selected to be listed in the Nationwide Register’s of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals for the year 2000;
  • ALFA Fall Conference 1997 Institutional Investment and Finance Programs (What’s Happening in the Financing Industry).
  • Featured Guest on Voice of America Talk to America Program television interview on Computers for the World (c4w).
  • Expert witness for the Port of Seattle, Defendant in legal action against a Senior Housing Property Ownership In Seattle Area.
  • C4w Project featured as Rotary International’s (RI) First Public Service Announcement (won this right after a contest among a 100 international projects in Rotary. Shown on ESPN and other Television Stations.
  • C4w, Won the designation as one of the 100 Centennial Projects of Rotary International.

Ms. DuBrin’s educational background includes:

  • Juris Doctor, Seattle University (was the University of Puget Sound);
  • Graduate Certificate program in corporate and real estate law, University of San Diego;
  • Bachelor of Arts and Certificate in Education, University of Washington;
  • Associate of Applied Sciences, highest honors and Deans List, Russell Sage Colleges.
    • Numerous Continuing Legal Education Programs to Maintain Bar in Washington State
    • Elder Law
    • Completed Washington State and New York State, Guardianship program
    • Real Estate Trust and Probate
    • Corporate
    • Tax

Ms DuBrin is a guardian. Her hobbies include art collecting and appreciation, philanthropy, photography, skiing, swimming, biking, hiking, boating, and travel.

Ms. DuBrin has no disciplinary actions.